CASEMENT KM STYLE WINDOWS (casement = side opening)

These are by far the most popular design of metal window and were manufactured from around the mid 1930s to the mid 1970s. They are mostly side hinged (casement) type, although some may be of the awning (top hinged) design. They will have either butt hinges (nearly flush with the window frame; mostly found in housing commission units) or protruding hinges (more like a pivot point than a hinge, at a distance outside the glass). The casement catch is a lift up latch that does not go out with the window when it is opened . This is major distinction between these windows and the Crittal style.

Original Lockwood style casement winder on a KM window (this was the most common winder on steel/metal windows). The example pictured here has a butterfly handle.

Where you already have winders but they are worn or damaged we will replace them with new.

PHOTO 6 - Before Original KM Winder

Down in the right-hand and left-hand corners of these windows is an arm (called a casement stay) that usually, but not always, has a series of holes into which a little bobbin drops to retain the window in an open position. Alternatively an arm winder (turn the handle and the arm moves in an arc) might be used to keep the window open.

Casement stays have not been manufactured for many years. We convert them to arm winders.


The casement stay is replaced with a winder (a standard FULL HANDLE is shown). Other special handles are also available, read on….

Optional handles are available – see below

If the new winder handle would interfere with your curtains or blinds we can supply a handle which folds out of the way.


Unfolds to be just the same as a standard handle but then folds out of the way to miss holland blinds, venetian blinds and plantation shutters, etc. Cost- most economical of the three special options.


Similar application to the knob option, but sometimes unsuitable if the winder body is not sitting on top of the tiles or window sill. Cost- mid price.

At Acorn Window Winder Replacements, we are the undisputed experts on these window winders and their associated window locks. Chances are you’ve been trying to find replacements for a while… so the good news is your search is over!

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