(casement = side opening)


Crittal style window (not as common as KM). Note that the casement catch turns and goes out with the window.


These side-hinged windows have a catch that you turn to open or close. The catch goes out with the window.

In the bottom corners of the frame there is usually a brass double sliding arrangement with a thumb-screw to clamp the window in the open position. We can often repair these slides, or replace them with new slides pictured below:

Should this type of window have fly screens they will generally be of a roll-up-and-down variety (like a holland blind) running in a guide rail either side of the frame. Or they might be slide-up-and-down or slide-side-to-side screens.

Crittal windows are generally not suitable to convert to winders.

However we are able to supply replacement stays and handles

At Acorn Window Winder Replacements, we are the undisputed experts on these window winders and their associated window locks. Chances are you’ve been trying to find replacements for a while… so the good news is your search is over!

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