AWNING TYPE WINDOWS (hinged from the top)

Photo 1 – Wire Type Winder - Before

These windows were made by KM. The design is easily recognisable as it has a wire rope winder, a pair of torsion springs, and no hinges.

When these winders break they cannot be repaired or serviced. We provide a conversion which uses an Australian-made chain winder (either locking or non-locking).

Full conversion: the above type converted to an Australian chain winder (locking or non-locking).

Photo 2 – Wire Type Winder - After
Photo 3 – Arm Type Winder - Before

These awning windows used an arm-winder with a short extended flexible extension riveted to the end of a standard arm. The winder is generally mounted to one side of the centre of the window.

When an old arm-winder is broken we replace it with a new arm-winder. Unfortunately the new type restricts the opening to about 200mm and is not available with a lock.

Top hinged awning window with a new arm winder the one pictured has an optional T-Handle to clear a venetian blind

Photo 4 – Arm Type Winder - After
At Acorn Window Winder Replacements, we are the undisputed experts on these window winders and their associated window locks. Chances are you’ve been trying to find replacements for a while… so the good news is your search is over!

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